Top things to look out for when selecting the right composite decking for you

Are you looking at doing a decking project but overwhelmed with the range of composites on the market? You’re not alone! With the abundance of composite decking options now available, it can be difficult selecting the right board for your project. In this article we will identify some key things to look out for when determining the best composite decking board for you.

Performance history

The real test of a composite decking board is how well the boards have performed over time. Unfortunately, the Australian composite timber decking market has seen too many failures, so choosing the right board is paramount. Not all brands perform the same and investing in your outdoor living space is a big deal – you don’t want to have to redo your outdoor living space because the deck has failed.

When you talk to your composite decking supplier be sure to ask them questions like:

How long have their composite decking boards been around for?

How are the boards holding up?

What are the most common issues/complaints received?

The greatest indicator of future performance is the past.

Competitor’s hollow-core boards, 5 years after installation.


Typically, all composite decking boards are extruded through a mould, then go through various stages of finishing to obtain a desired look, texture, finish and feel. However, not all composite decking boards are made to the same standard.

Over time various components, tools, moulds or stages of this process wear out. Also, when working with recycled materials close attention needs to be paid to consistency to ensure a reliable product is produced at the end of the day.